7 Reasons You Can’t Merge Facebook Business Pages

There are many reasons you might want to merge Facebook business pages. Maybe you have an old or duplicate page that is no longer active. Or you may be managing multiple pages but decide it’s a duplication of efforts, so you want to consolidate under one.

The good news is that if you are the admin of both Facebook pages, you may be able to merge them. That said, there are several reasons that you may not be able to merge these pages — some that you can correct and some that you can’t.

If you’re running into issues with merging Facebook pages, it’s probably for one of these reasons…

1. Different Names

You can’t merge pages that have different names and represent different things. You can’t merge a page for a pizza shop with a page for a plumber, for example — even if you own both.

It’s possible that you have two pages that represent the same thing, though, but the page names are slightly different. If necessary, you can request a name change to correct this.

2. Different Addresses

If the two pages you want to merge have physical locations, you can’t merge the pages if they have different addresses.

Of course, this should be an easy fix. Simply update one of the pages so that they match.

3. Different Business Managers

You can’t merge pages if they are under different Business Manager accounts. Just make sure to move both pages to the same Business Manager account.

This is done under “Accounts” within your Business Settings.

4. Primary Page Conflict

You can’t merge Facebook pages if the page you want to merge from is the primary page of a Business Manager account.

In this case, just change the primary page for that Business Manager account. You do this within the “Business Info” area of your Business Settings.

At the top, it should display your primary Facebook page. Click “Edit” to change it.

5. Classic and New Pages

You can’t merge pages if one page is a Classic Page and one uses the New Pages Experience.

You can technically switch one of the pages back to Classic in order to merge. Just know that this is messy since the page you switch back to classic will lose access to certain things.

6. Verified Into Non-Verified

You can’t merge a verified page into a page that isn’t verified (and why would you do this anyway?). If there is actually a good business reason for doing this, get the unverified page verified first.

7. Global Pages

You can’t merge pages if both pages are global pages. Global pages allow you to share local versions of content with a single universal brand name and vanity URL for each page.

There aren’t many reasons you’d want to merge global pages. But if you have two global pages, you likely have an account rep who can help you with this.

Your Turn

Are you still having trouble merging pages? What issues are you seeing?

Let me know in the comments below!

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